Pyrodex® Pellets


Pyrodex Pellets offer the modern shooter the most consistent, easy to use propellant ever offered for a muzzleloading firearm. Now available in 50 caliber/50 grain and 54 caliber/60 grain for in-line muzzleloading rifles and 44/45 caliber/30 grain for cap and ball revolvers. Pyrodex pellets offer a wide selection of choices for the shooter.

Light loads for practice and plinking or heavy loads for maximum performance on big game, it's simply a matter of identifying the combination of Pellets that provide performance and accuracy to get the job done. Accuracy may vary from rifle to rifle and with different types of projectiles. Shooters are encouraged to try more than one projectile to determine the maximum potential of their firearm.


50 Caliber - 50 Grain Pellets

50 Caliber - 50 Grain Pellets50 Caliber - 50 Grain Pellets

The original Pyrodex Pellet designed for use in 50 caliber, in-line rifles. A single 50/50 pellet may be used for a light target or small game load while two 50/50 pellets may be combined to provide a potent 100 gr. equivalent load for big game. They are packed 100 pellets to the box and 24 pellets to the card. It may be used with standard caps, musket caps or 209 ignition systems.

44-45 Caliber - 30 Grain Pistol Pellets

44 Caliber - 45 Grain Pistol Pellets

Cap and Ball revolvers just entered the modern age! No flask or spout, no loose powder mess; loading has never been cleaner or easier. These 30 grain volume Pellets are intended for use in 44 or 45 caliber cap and ball revolvers. Packed 100 pellets to the jar. May be used in 45 caliber in-line muzzleloading rifles in conjunction with 50 grain pellets in combinations not exceeding 100 grains.